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Writing Challenge


One day a group of 4 people Rose(me) was a kind of person that didn’t like getting dirty what some people might call a drama queen yeap that was rosie,Aria she was the kind of person that was prepared for anything oh nearly forgot someone  who always thought she was right and didn’t like being wrong,Sam was the kind of person who loved adventures and Jay was a clumsy person but also funny at times. They were going to the beach for a nice and calm day or so we all thought. Listen to the story from start to finish and you will understand what I mean.So this is how our day started we had just left the house and had a bunch of beach supplies and aria decided to bring 4 flashlights for all of us including her. We told her we wont need them cause we ain’t staying at the beach all the way through the night but she brought them any way. Thats aria alright (Prepared for anything). When we got to the beach we had to take a little walk to the beach cause there was no more room for our car to go on the sand. As we were walking sam saw a very mystery cave so everyone looked inside it and thought we should go in cause we could get loads of pics, But i said wait what are we going to do with all of our beach supplies. Then aria came up with this idea it was……Donate it,So we all took some and went up to different families and gave them away,around 10 minutes later we had no more beach supplies left in our hands,we were ready to go into this amazing and gorgeous cave. Before we entered the cave we got 4 polaroid cameras for Rose(me),Aria (Prepared for anything),Sam (Adventures) and Jay (Clumsy). So I had red,aria had purple,sam had blue and Jay had green. When we got in the cave we had already taken loads of pictures of our selfs and the amazing cave, Oh we also got little bags to hold our pictures when they printed. When we got into the cave as soon as we got in there Jay dropped his flashlight it was obsius but he still dropped it. I said Jay why do you have to be so clumsy for then he said its just in my jeans my dad his dad his dad and last his dad were all clumsy it just runs in the family. Then like 20 minutes later we were near the end of the cave but we saw a waterfall then we spent like 10 minutes at the waterfall just taking photos but we saw a sign by the waterfall It said If you jump in you will get cursed for the rest of your life. That sign spooked the boys so we left and went to the beach. At the beach we had a fun as time and watched the sunset then took more pictures. By the we got to keep the polaroids and the bags. When we got home we told my mum about our whole day.